hi, i'm hayden.

with a passion for imperfect people, a perfect Savior, creating laughter, and rich connection, i find the greatest joy in getting to capture beautiful moments and beautiful people through photography. taking pictures of the most special seasons of life is an absolute privilege, and my desire is to document moments in a genuine + honest + timeless way to be cherished and treasured for years to come.

my heart beats for the imperfect, unplanned, raw moments that exist in the in-betweens. the real stuff. the good stuff. when i think about the gift it is to tell stories of what Jesus is doing here + now - the life changing, beautiful, glory-filled work all around us - i just can't contain my excitement.

taking pictures of couples and families in each season makes me so grateful for the gracious gift of my life buddy, Jacob. he is goofy, he challenges me to never stay the same, and he loves me in a way that reflects who Jesus is every day. if you're lucky, he might just tag along to our shoot!

i truly can't express how grateful i am that you are here! i'm so excited to meet you. hop on over to the connect tab, and let's be friends!


Dylan + Ann Alisa

“Hayden is an amazing woman, and an even more amazing photographer. When I reached out to her to photograph my wedding, she responded in a timely manner, and was already dreaming up ideas. She truly went above and beyond throughout the entire process to make me feel comfortable and happy, and i absolutely LOVE how the photos turned out. If you need a photographer, she's your gal!”

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